Consultant Marketing – Not a Marketing Consultant

Consultant Marketing is a style of marketing that works in any business. It doesn’t matter what field you are in. The business owner uses Consultant Marketing to promote their personal expertise in their chosen business. This is done by establishing YOU the business owner as an authority in the type of business you are in. [...]

Find Reputable Cash For Property Home Buyers

To become frank, nearly all individuals are when it comes to buying big-ticket things like a house truly dubious. There are numerous people that speculate about to buy a house free from cash down, because itis time-consuming and a significant difficult process. Discussing your homes on such press with family and friends will most likely [...]

Four Main Advantages of Opening Your Own Vape Shop

If you have been looking for opportunities to start a business, consider whether a vape shop may be a good fit for your area. Here are just a few of the advantages of starting this kind of enterprise. Develop a Source of Income Like any small business, the potential for profit is a major incentive. [...]

Jobs for Disabled Adults: Four Smart Search Strategies

It can be challenging for disabled adults to find employment. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 17.5 percent of people who have a disability are employed. Fortunately, programs and federal laws exist to help ensure jobs for disabled Americans. Here are four employment strategies for those who [...]

One of the Best Ways to Create an Incredible Cash Infusion for Your Business By Kathleen Gage

“Business is slow!” “The economy is terrible.” “The political structure is creating a fear of spending.” Which one of these “stories” have you told yourself? Have you noticed that some people are doing great while others continue to tell themselves how bad business is? It’s based on the stories. Stories either move us forward or [...]

Trump Gets Pranked for April Fool’s Day

What sign? Upon closer look—they’re a warning of the impending effects of global warming, and a literary jab at Donald Trump’s environmentally damning policies. This comes just after Trump has signed an executive order scrapping Obama’s clean energy plan, embracing coal. Earlier this month, leading climatologist Dr. Peter Gleick urged for a mass protest against [...]